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Golf – A Sport or Game?

Well the question of whether Golf is a Sport or Game remains to be a debated over topic taking regular strolls over all forms of media. First of all the difference between the term Sport and Game itself remains vague, making this question even tougher to solve.

The supporters to the verdict of Golf being a Sport defines golf as a "sport" found in the dictionary, which requires physical exertion and coordination. They also re-iterate the fact that golf is acknowledged and accepted as a sport by many associations and affiliates such as the sporting goods companies, athletic associations, viewers, media and the like.

They also attribute various supporting facts and figures to back their stand with Golf being A Sport:

  • The International Olympic Committee has deemed golf to be a sport.
  • Golf is played as a sport in College and university athletic departments.
  • Professional golfers are classified as athletes by the media industry.
  • By Golfing one burn more calories than doing any other gymnastic activity.
  • Proper coordinated of muscle and mind is much required in Golf.
  • Like running, swimming or any other individual athletic sport, Golf is also an individual sport.
  • The acceptance of Golf as a sport by Sports agents, sponsors, and sporting goods manufacturers makes the fact that golf is a sport firmer.
  • Like many other sports involving physical activity, Golf also demands for physical energy and this evens results in the golfer getting injured.


What more could you ask as a proof for considering Golf – A Sport?

On the Contrary, the supporters to the verdict of Golf being a Game have their own valid definition to attribute to Golf as a Game.  They characterize golf to be a "game" rather than a "sport," and define golf as a game that does not call for arduous physical activity, and can be played professionally even by people who are obese, injured, or a non-athletic.

Their perspective of Golf being a Game also has solid validations:

  • Golf in itself lacks the spirit of sportsmanship and often played for relaxation and chilling outdoors.
  • There is no defense mechanism required in the game of golf against the opponent player.
  • The fact that even an injured person is eligible to play the game makes it clear that it is not a Sport that requires physical fitness as a major requirement.
  • Just the fact that there are chances of a player getting injured while playing does not make it a sport. People get injured even when they fall.
  • Maintaining a scorecard and declaring a winner is prevalent in many games and that does not necessitate them from being called a Sport.


So both the proponents and opponents have their own facts, findings, validations, and perspectives towards Golf. It is up to the individual to choose the sides and call it a sport or a game. Whatever the case may be, golf is an interesting game played as a sport.